Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spending Fast: The Final Tally

So, now of the moment you've all been waiting for... how much money did I save during my Spending Fast in March?

First, I tallied up my total spending and compared it to my total spending in the month of February, as well as my previously-calculated average monthly spending.

The results don't lie, folks. The truth hit me like a brick in the face... A delicious, joyous brick.

After a full month of paying only for bills, emergency items, and necessary fuel, I spent $851.44 less than I did in February on non-essentials.

Let me say that again: $851.44.

Even if I were to add my out-of-pocket medical costs, I still saved $180 over last month's spending.

February was a shorter month, so total spending was a little lower than usual. When compared to my total average monthly spending, I technically saved--- be still my heart--- $987.46 in March. Including the medical bills, I still saved $316.03.

Let me be clear on this. If I were to embark on a Spending Fast without medical bills looming--- and I paid for my mortgage, energy, Internet, water/sewer, credit card bill, cell phone, gasoline, and even some groceries--- I would officially save a shitload. Officially.

Even if I actually buy some groceries in April, I could continue to spend lightly and continue to rake in the savings.

It can be done, folks.

"For as he thinks in his heart, so is he."
- Proverbs 23:7


  1. Sweet action girl! Thanks for taking us all on your journey. You've been an inspiration and it is my prayer that this has inspired YOU to continue to do such excellent evaluation of where your money is going, to whom and for what purpose. :D It CAN be done. It is a matter of choice and sacrifice. I wonder if for you the process became a game and also therapeutic in that it can give you back a feeling of control?

  2. Kelsi, I loved following your blog. Continue to blog if you have a great "voice". Totally enjoyed this adventure!