Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals For The New Year

My 2013 New Year's Resolution is to continue trimming away the excess in my life so that I can have the time and energy to appreciate what I truly value: my loved ones, my health/wellness, my faith, my work purpose, and my hobbies. To prioritize those things will mean limiting time on distractions, half-hearted commitments, wasteful spending, time in front of screens, and uninspiring people.

There are other lifestyle goals I want to strive for this year as well. I know it's better to focus on just a few things, but I really like to make lists! Some of these changes have already been implemented and are in progress:
  • Become a better photographer
  • Improve my posture, both seated and standing
  • Take the stairs at work
  • Bring my own snacks to work - no eating office treats!
  • Make and log daily food menus at least one day in advance
  • Eat green vegetables five days per week
  • Cook more meals in bulk and freeze extra servings for later
  • Eat at the table for dinner, with the television and phone turned off
  • Learn to cook fish well
  • Make pasta from scratch
  • Save bacon fat in a mason jar to use for more flavorful cooking
  • Consume no more than one serving of soda per month
  • Floss regularly
  • Read at least one book per month
  • Make my own mercury glass
  • Follow my budget plan to save for future home renovations, a new car, travel, and retirement
This, of course, is in addition to my 30 Before 30 list... which is less a list of goals and more of a challenge to try things that interest me. So far, I've knocked off #22 (master a specific cocktail... where I learned to make the Flaming Volcano) and #27 (receive a handwritten love letter... which of course came from the wonderful beau).

So far this month, I've taken the steps at work all but two days (on one day I was carrying a lot of equipment, and on another I wore wobbly shoes). I have logged my food daily, but have not been as diligent about making menus on the weekends. I haven't snacked on office treats, nor have I consumed any soda. I've stuck to my green vegetable rule, and am nearly finished with the book I'm currently reading. The budget is going well (I've spent about half of my allotment so I'm right on schedule). I haven't touched my dental floss arsenal, and I'm horrid about eating in front of my computer. As I keep making adjustments, hopefully I'll improve in those areas.

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  1. Love it. You've really inspired me to think about going on a "spending fast" as I have a really bad habit of spending $30 on drinks here and $50 on a new dress there without paying attention to how those "little" prices really add up. We are trying to save for a trip to Paris (!!) and that extra hundred or so dollars each month could go a long way! Even if it is oyster season :)