Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Results

This post has been delayed due to personal matters, so please excuse the brevity.

I came in under budget for the month of January, despite having to spend $50 over my gas budget for additional commuting. I rather like the transparency of writing each purchase on a dry erase board in my kitchen. For me, it was better for accountability than writing it in a checkbook and then tucking it out of sight. Because of steps I've taken earlier in my journey with spending fasts (then out of necessity) it has been a smoother transition to drastically reduce spending (now willingly and voluntarily). That money has gone straight into my savings account, along with the (small) profits of selling a few more unwanted items on eBay. Something is better than nothing.

I also adhered to my modified eating and exercise habits. I've lost six pounds since January 1st, and most of it can be attributed to dietary changes. For one week at the end of the month, I was ravenous. My stomach grumbled and ached with hunger all the time. Without agonizing over numbers and calories too much, I'd eat something small or drink a little juice to stave off the pangs. My body was clearly used to consuming more (much like my wallet had) and while I was not starving, my body was certainly reacting to the adjustment.  Regarding exercise, sometimes my workout only consisted of twenty minutes of light activity. However something is better than nothing.

Again, apologies for the limited content of this post. Something is better than nothing, right?

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  1. Let us know if your body adjusts to smaller quantities of food!