Friday, February 24, 2012

To Spend or Not To Spend?

Beginning March 1st, I will embark on a month-long spending fast.

So, what the hell is a spending fast? Why am I doing this? How will I enforce it? What are my motives? Are there exceptions to my guidelines? What about bills? How will I eat? Am I going to become a total mooch? Will my social life crash and burn? Will I fail miserably?

Ah, the schadenfreude of spectatorship as I become the guinea pig in my own experiment. Be entertained, be enlightened, be inspired.

"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need." - Chuck Palahnuik


  1. Hi Kels! Looking forward to your journey very much. Hoping to be brave enough to embark on my own spending fast someday. With our wedding in March, that's not likely to happen just yet. Best wishes to you. Miss you! ~Ani

  2. So behind you on this Kels. I'll be praying for you to learn mucho and have great success! This is a very courageous decision and deciding to blog about it holds you even more accountable so I REALLY respect and admire your decision to do this. Can't wait to learn from you! Remember to sign up for DG before you stop spending! LOL!

  3. Great shout out with the German word Schadenfreude! Wow Kelsi! I am excited to follow and see where this takes you. Fabi and I have had lots of talks about this as of late. Maybe we will all learn something from you. It truly has gotten out of control in our society! Hopefully you will help us all remember that! Best of luck!