Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spending Fast: Day Eight

I'm over one week into my Spending Fast and, with the exception of an emergency visit to the vet, I haven't needed to purchase anything. My car's gas tank is under half now, but I'm hoping to make it to next week before I need to refuel. I'm not feeling the financial crunch in my kitchen at all; in fact, I still have fresh produce in good shape, and I've been really conscious of finishing off any leftovers from previous meals. The other night I made New York Strip pepper steaks with buttermilk whipped potatoes and roasted asparagus. Mmmm, that was a lovely lunch the next day.

I have a $5 gift card to the grocery store that I keep forgetting about. I won it in a work bowling tournament last year and have been carrying it in my wallet ever since. There's a balance of about $8 remaining on a Target gift card as well. I am going to do my damndest to avoid spending money on food for as long as possible, but if I do have to buy some groceries I'm going to utilize these cards first. I'm really wishing I had some bananas. Otherwise, I still have two oranges, a bag of carrots, 5 pounds of apples, several onions, a box of mixed salad greens, some fresh kale, and a bunch of asparagus to work with before I even have to dive into my frozen produce stash. I have, however, been battling a tremendous craving for chocolate croissants. Seriously, it won't go away.

In addition to saving money, I've been improving my quality of time spent. The time and money I would normally spend going out to dinner is now spent making meals together with the beau. The time and money I'd spend going out on the town and having cocktails is now spent watching films like "Enter the Dragon" and working out in the comfort of my own home, for free.

This change alone has had its own perks; I've lost nearly 5% of my body weight since I started my At Home Spending Fast Exercise Regimen for Gimpy Injured People (patent pending). 5% doesn't sound like much, but do the math with your own mass and you'll realize it is more of an accomplishment than you think... unless you're a toddler, in which case you should not be trying to lose weight. And you should also be on TV because you are a child prodigy for navigating and reading blogs.

Point is... I'm not living off of ramen noodles, I'm not bored, I'm not just sitting on my ass, and I'm not hating this.

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