Monday, March 5, 2012

Spending Fast: Day Five

Up until this point I have spent exactly zero dollars and zero cents on anything! Two nights ago I went to see a play for free. Last night I attended a concert I had purchased a ticket for some time ago.

This weekend was not all fun, however. Unfortunately, my cat Loki had been sick for the past several days. She would vomit foam multiple times a day, and she wouldn't eat. Her spirits were good, but I was concerned enough to call the vet. He made an appointment for this afternoon, worried that her sudden illness could be something serious, like liver failure. Thankfully, tests showed she had a treatable intestinal infection. She was given antibiotics and a half pound of IV fluid. $155.50 later, I have a happy but tired kitty and personal peace of mind.

(Loki looks grouchy, but if you'd been poked with half a dozen needles at the doctor, you'd be grouchy too.)

I also received over $1300 in medical bills in my mailbox today. I immediately called my health insurance company and was pleasantly surprised to find out I had already paid over 90% of my deductible. Most of the bills I was holding in my hand would be entirely covered by insurance. What a relief!

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